Daleville Baptist Church
Wednesday, August 04, 2021
To know Christ and to make Him known

Our Missionaries

Daleville Baptist Church supports missionaries primarily through the Southern Baptist Convention Cooperative Program. However, we support two other families above and beyond our cooperative program giving as well.
Southern Baptist Convention Cooperative Program 
Since its inception in 1845, the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) has always had one mission—the Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20). To fulfill its assigned part of this divine mandate, each SBC entity made special offering appeals to the churches. This method was referred to as the “societal” approach to missions and resulted in severe financial deficits, competition among entities, overlapping pledge campaigns, and frequent emergency appeals which greatly hampered the expanding ministry opportunities God was giving Southern Baptists. Some entities took out loans to cover operating costs until pledges or special offerings were received.
To find out more about the Southern Baptist Convention cooperative program go to: www.cpmissions.net

Daleville Baptist Church Missionaries:


The Nester's for Uganda

God has called the Nesters to share His love in Uganda. The Nesters began their full-time ministry in January 2005. One of Terry's responsibilities is to help train and disciple new pastors. Debbie and her children are also involved in ministering through building relationships. They also are planting churches in the many unreached villages of Uganda.
 To find out more about the Nester family go to: Nester's For Uganda


The Lewis' for Ireland

The Lewis family has been called to minister in Ireland where true Christianity has often been replaced by a heavy fog of spiritual darkness. In order to accomplish this goal they are now partnered with UFM Worldwide USA  Address: 400 Office Park Drive, Suite 305 - Mountain Brook, AL 35223. They will be partnering with local churches to plant new ones, train leaders and work with younger folks.
To find out more about the Lewis family go to: www.sethandjessica.com